CIEH offers help on blueprint

Inspection to be changed

The CIEH will be working with the Food Standards Agency to help workshop its blueprint for change to food safety that will shake-up regulation.

In May the FSA announced plans to re-think the ways food hygiene standards are implemented and policed to keep pace with the way the food industry has developed.

The FSA is now looking to gather examples of initiatives that work from EHOs and local authorities to share best practice. But it will also be looking to widen its net on the information it gathers.

Proposed initiatives and ways of working will be modelled ‘in the open’ so that they can be commented on by EHOs and other interested parties to create a new way of working.

The FSA was expected to request participants to contribute to an advisory panel on the new ways of working this week.

Alice Biggins, head of regulatory and international unit, FSA, said: Our main intention it to make sure food is safe and that’s also the priority of environmental health officers. We don’t have all the answers and it will be a lot better if everyone is working together – two heads are better than one.’

Ms Biggins added that the FSA was interested in doing a ‘real time overview’ of all the food businesses in England, Wales and Northern Ireland as this could result in some ‘powerful predictive analysis’.

In terms of widening the net on the sorts of information the FSA looked at, she added: ‘We food people look at it in our food ways in relation to food but there are all sorts of other information that Government captures, which we could throw into the mix and which could be indicators of “goodness” or “badness”.’

Jenny Morris head of TiFSiP who will help workshop the new blueprint with the FSA said: ‘We know that environmental health professionals have great breadth of vision and frequently lead on innovation.

‘They work in multiple sectors, so see food safety challenges from a range of perspectives. We look forward to sharing our members knowledge of "what works" with the FSA in the development of the new system.’

Ref: If you would like to contribute ideas please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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