First Aid Training - part of secondary education?

We have today been advised by the British Heart Foundation that a Bill to make first aid training, including CPR, part of secondary education has been introduced to parliament. As providers of a wide range of 1st Aid training courses and services, we are delighted to hear this news, as this can only benefit all.

We at Premier Training Services have been supporting this petition for some time and have also signed up to the email your MP scheme, which is again part of the BHF campaign for all young people to learn CPR. In this way CPR in schools has been kept firmly on the political agenda.

If the Bill is successful all young people will leave school with the skills and confidence to save a life.

Teresa Pearce MP, who spoke at the Westminster Hall debate earlier this year on the importance of CPR and defibrillator awareness, has introduced the Bill.

Teresa’s Bill will be debated in parliament on Friday 20 November – and BHF will need over 100 MPs to attend and vote in favour. Premier Training Services will certainly be getting involved in this initiative and if anyone else would like to do so, further information can be seen at the British Heart Foundation website.

Please contact us for an informal discussion regarding any of your 1st Aid requirements, including CPR, and also a wide range of associated training courses and services.

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