Concerns about new allergens legislation deepen for hotel managers

A new independent survey commissioned by Caternet has uncovered new fears faced by the hotel/catering industry regarding the changes to EU food labelling regulations and allergens which come into force on 13th December 2014.

Almost half of hotel/F&B managers (47%) say they are “uncertain” – even though they have some plans in place, they admit it’s a game of chance in terms of how they plan to manage the changes going forward.

For 60% of hotel/catering managers, fears stem from the level of detail required to keep on top of the changes on a daily basis. This is further magnified by 49% who say they worry about the pressure it will put on the internal resources of their already overstretched teams. Almost one third (27%) are also concerned about the cost implication these changes will have on their business.

More alarmingly, 20% of managers admit they haven’t put any plans in place yet to respond to the changes. Reasons include having “good intentions” but not getting around to it yet; some are waiting until the last minute to respond but some managers say they haven’t even thought about it yet.

Jerry Brand, managing director at Caternet, commented: “It’s interesting that when it comes to adapting to change, most things come down to time and money, but our research shows that it is the physical management of this new legislation that is really worrying people right now; cost is a factor, but the big one is how do I keep on top of these changes for the long term? With the amount of information and detail involved, that can understandably seem like quite a daunting prospect.”

The survey revealed that only 5% of managers have no concerns at all about the changing regulations.

Brand concludes: “It is concerning that as many as 20% of companies have yet to act on these changes. It’s vital that plans are put in place, both to action the changes and manage them efficiently in the future – this won’t go away, the legislation is here to stay and as an industry we need to prepare for that and act now.”


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