Food Safety Awareness boost on Twitter

The Food Standards Agency launched National Food Safety Week on Monday and this year’s theme is the work of its staff making sure our food is safe.

The idea is for the awareness week to shine a light on the people who protect the food supply chain and ensure food safety and those tackling food crime. The slogan being used this year is 'the people who protect your plate'.

Lots of this work is carried out in partnerships with local authorities and many have jumped on-board the campaign, particularly on social media. On Twitter #FoodSafetyWeek has its own hashtag.

East Hampshire District Council, for example, celebrated its environmental health team on Twitter with a dancing food gif while Wigan Council put out a video trailing one of its EHOs explaining how it has improved food hygiene ratings in its area.

Lots of councils tweeted pictures of premises with poor hygiene that they had inspected and improved, as well as helpful tips for the public about the difference between ‘use-by’ and ‘best-before’.

The awareness week even picked up some attention on Facebook and Instagram with pictures of fresh food, the food hygiene rating card, and more tips of food safe storage. But Twitter was the place to be.

Food Standards Agency CEO Jason Feeney said: ‘The UK has globally respected food standards, and our food and drink is rightly regarded as some of the safest in the world. More than one billion food products are sold every week.

‘It’s the responsibility of every food business – from abattoirs to corner shops, Michelin-starred restaurants to your favourite take-away – to comply with food regulations.

‘This week we want to recognise the behind-the-scenes people throughout the food chain who work hard every day of the year to make sure businesses follow the rules and our food standards remain high.’

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