sense logoPremier Training Services are very fortunate to have been a preferred supplier of training services to Sense since 1999.

A National Charity supporting children and adults who are deaf blind Sense provides help and advice, together with information and specialist services to people with dual sensory impairment. Sense offer high quality services across the UK delivered by skilled and dedicated staff and volunteers. We are very proud to be associated with this National Charity.

Although deliveries were originally within Birmingham and the surrounding areas we were delighted to be asked in early 2012 to prepare a bespoke training programme incorporating the safe administration of Medications, Food Safety and Nutrition to meet the exact needs of our customer.

Working in close partnership with Sense, Management and trainers then set about creating a programme focussing not only on meeting the exact training requirements of our customer but also in satisfying the audit requirements of the Care Quality Commission. This programme commenced delivery in the spring of last year across the entire UK, ensuring that all staff wherever they are located had the opportunity to access the training programme and that everyone received the same delivery, thus ensuring consistency across the staff teams.

Issues to resolve

  • Delivering training services in a format that fits with operational requirements in varied locations.
  • Compliance of training provision that meets with the requirements of CQC (The Care Quality Commission).
  • Provide a cost effective training solution which is also tailored at the same time to the customer’s specific requirements.
  • Ability to provide the expertise to deliver a specialist range of the Safe Administration of Medications, Food Safety & Nutrition training courses, the nature of which was expected to grow and evolve as the training programmes became further established.
  • Provide quality training courses to further support the development of the dedicated staff.


  • We met with Senior Managers within the Professional Skills Development Teams at Sense and discussed their requirements fully. The contents that were to be included within the various course deliveries were also agreed upon.
  • We identified from within our team of trainers and consultants the most suitably qualified and experienced staff in respect of the work assignment. This team then set about creating a suite of bespoke courses ranging from Levels 1 to 3.
  • The needs of staff were identified as to which level of training or a combination of different levels were required by each individual and then training course dates were offered in order to set up a continuous programme of training thus allowing delegates to join courses throughout the year as and when required.
  • Although we are a West Midlands based training Company, our customer, Sense, is a National Organisation and therefore we made arrangements to deliver this training programme at any locations requested throughout the UK, to include course deliveries taking place in Ireland.
  • We provided, initially and on an ongoing basis, help and support to ensure that all deliveries take place to our client’s exact requirements and additionally maintain regular telephone contact and customer service visits as and when required in order to discuss changing needs and to ensure complete satisfaction with our services.

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E-Learning Courses

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